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Register Compass v/s DomCop - The expired domains Software Faceoff

NoteYou won't find any affiliate links on my blog. I make no money reviewing and promoting any software. This ensures that my reviews are not biased.

I've been using for a while now, and find myself spending way too much time finding good domains. So I set out to find a paid software that would show me a bunch more metrics and help me find better domains. In my research, I found that Register Compass and DomCop are the top two players in this space, but was unable to find any reliable reviews for them - especially one that compares them head to head. So I purchased a month of each of them and decided to publish it on my blog. 

Feature review:

FeaturesRegister CompassDomCop
Free Trial Available?NoYes
Price$37/mo$38/mo to $66/mo
Majestic MetricsYesYes
Moz MetricsBasic (No spam score)Complete
SEMrush MetricsYesYes
SimilarWeb MetricsNoYes
Estibot Metrics
Total Extensions Supported2450
Export Domains100010,000
CustomizationsMultiple templatesOnly one template
Total Domains in System
6 million21 million

Review based on actual usage:

My qualitative review is based on the following parameters that are important to me - how easy it is to search for domains, how many domains with good metrics are found & how accurate the metrics are.   

How good is the search?

Register Compass: The first thing that stands out for me is that Moz is written as SEOMoz and Majestic is written as MajesticSeo. Both these companies changed their name about two years back. The developer really ought to change their names in the UI as well, since these are the main metrics that are used to gauge the quality of an expired domain. Otherwise, the search looks pretty good. 

I like that once you perform a search, it shows up at the bottom of the page. So if you need to run this search again its right there. 

DomCop: The DomCop Advanced search screen shown above is overwhelming. There are way too many metrics and the search widget just about fits on my whole screen. To get a better view, I need to reduce the font size. They do have a Simple search screen, but considering the different metrics I use, I prefer the Advanced screen. 

Winner: Register Compass. DomCop has more metrics and therefore its search screen is so overwhelming. However, some of the metrics (like Social) are meaningless to me and are a complete waste of my screen space

How many domains with good metrics are found?

DomCop claims to have 21 million domains in its database. But that is just a vanity number. What matters is how many good domains it has. So, I ran two identical searches on both sites for domains with Majestic Trust Flow > 30.

Register Compass: The search found no expiring domains, 290 expired domains & 182 auction domains. So a total of 472 domains with TF > 30 in its system.

DomCop: The search found 263 domains in the Expiring section, 461 domains in the Expired section and 529 in the Archived section. So a total of 1,253 domains

Winner: DomCop wins here with close to triple the number of high TF domains.

How accurate are the metrics?

I took a sample of 100 domains from either site and compared the Majestic and Moz metrics that are shown to the same metrics shown on Majestic & Moz's websites. Having accurate metrics is critical and verifying every domain is a serious time sink. So personally, for me, this is the most important feature. I understand if the TF is different by 1 or 2. But any different more than 2 is a complete No in my book.

Register Compass: Out of 100 domains, I found 27 domains that had a Trust Flow metric +/- 2

DomCop: Out of 100 domains, I found just 9 domains that had a Trust Flow metric +/- 2

Winner: DomCop is the clear winner here. Register Compass had 3 times the number of domains with wrong metrics.

Conclusion - Even though Register Compass has a better search screen and is a little cheaper than DomCop, the metrics are the reason to not use free software like and so I will be continuing my DomCop subscription.