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I am an online marketer who has been through the stress of watching my website falling from its ranks without any apparent reason. 

It is after a lot of experimenting that I was finally able to unravel the secrets of search engines ranking and then decided to set up this website to help out others who are likely to face the same situation as I did. 

Much of this website is dedicated towards discussing the various techniques that are used by online marketers worldwide to achieve a respectable rank on search engines. So the onus is on you to go through the content and figure out what is best for you in terms of marketing your business. 

In the absence of any one-formula-fits-all solution, the best I can do is ennumerate the problems that online marketers face and suggest ways of solving them. 

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Are you Worried About Your Search Engine ranking?       

How did my ranking drop all of a sudden without an explanation?’ If you are an online marketer, this is a woe that you must be familiar with either through personal experience or by observing others. For any online business, it is important to rank well in search engines because this is an assurance of high visibility and higher traffic, which in turn translates into increased business. In such a situation, losing your ranking on a search engine is the worst possible nightmare and one that causes a lot of stress to the website owner.

There are several reasons that could be responsible for your website’s plunge from a position of prominence into oblivion, primary among them being an algorithm update by Google. Every once in a while, Google – the most popular search engine globally – updates its algorithms which causes websites to lose their rankings till the new changes are incorporated. Other issues could range from detection of malware to broken links, plagiarized content to server issues and would need to be fixed for the website to regain its position at the top of the page.

Understanding the Concept of Search Engine Ranking

Is search engine ranking truly rocket science as most online marketers regard it to be? Unfortunately this is a myth that most online marketers believe in because the only thing that search engine ranking requires is a bit of in-depth understanding. Rather than believe all the misinformation, you would do well to focus on key aspects related to this subject and develop a keen interest as to how it works.

Being aware of the basics is a good place to start and following are the website details which you must pay attention to owing to their impact on your website’s search engine ranking –

·         Domain Name – Over a period of time it has become apparent that a domain name that contains a keyword is more easily intercepted by search engines rather than one which is more general. Therefore, you must make it a point to ensure that your domain name is reflective of the nature of your website as also your business.

·         Content – Content is truly the proverbial king as far as your website’s ranking is concerned and to this effect, you must ensure that your website’s content is useful, informative and pertaining to your business.

·         Keywords – Best described as skeleton around which the content of the website revolves, keywords or key phrases are words used by online visitors when they search for your site on the Internet. Your intention should be to simplify the search as much as possible and this is best done by using keywords and key phrases that are effective as also rank low on the competition ladder.

·         Keyword Density – This refers to the frequency with which the keyword or key phrase appears on the webpage and ideally it should be between 1 and 7%. While minimal usage of keywords may not be intercepted by search engine spiders, over usage could cause stuffing which in turn could result in your website being penalized by Google.

·         Strong Website Basics – As long as the basic structure of your website is in accordance with lain-down conventions, probability of it being regarded as credible is high and this would contribute positively towards its position in terms of search engine results.

·         H1 Tags – Embedding keywords and key phrases in headings and titles also facilitates interception and thus helps in boosting ranking of your website.

·         Frequent Updating – Updating your website with new and unique features every now and then is an effective technique of inviting search engine spiders and ensuring that it is intercepted for its credibility.

Modus Operandi of Search Engines

To judge where the website deserves to be positioned in the search results, search engines employ a sophisticated software packages known as spiders or robots which in turn use mathematical programs known as algorithms. Every algorithm is programmed in a certain way wherein it follows a specific set of rules to go through the content of a webpage and decide whether it is up to the standard or not. Depending on the results, the algorithm assigns a rank to the particular webpage.

As far as the functioning of algorithm is concerned, there are certain facts that are known and there are certain aspects which are subject to guesswork. While most online entrepreneurs manage to acquire knowledge about the former and tweak the known parameters to their advantage, it is the latter that calls for a hit-and-trial method. Overall, it is essential to be aware of the difference between the two and channel your energy towards what you can influence rather than wasting your time focusing on aspects that are beyond your control.

Identifying a Magical Formula

This could take a bit of time but ultimately your patience and persistence is bound to be rewarded if you are able to figure out what clicks in improving and maintaining your website’s rank.

True though it is that the application of technology in this field has resulted in the emergence of multiple techniques, it is not necessary that all of them would click for you. Another point that you must remember pertains to the fact that there are several techniques that call for a sizeable expenditure on your part. You could take it as an investment but there is no surety that it will fetch returns.

Simplicity is the best way to go and irrespective of your product/service, your story should be honest, sincere and interesting. Given that search engine spiders focus on web pages rather than the entire website, all you require is informative and interesting content on your promotional page in order to be intercepted by search engine spiders. Techniques like SEO, social media, link building and PPC are some of the time-tested methods that can render your webpage visible to search engines and hence are discussed in great detail in the following pages.